Wednesday 15 April 2015

Easter This Year

Dear Family & Friends

It's that time of the year once Bulgaria we just had our easter holiday last weekend. Yes, it's a week later than most other countries in the world.

we each got these beautifully decorated cloth imprint

No egg chocolates here...but people give out decorated boiled eggs to children as tradition. It's fascinating to see the many different ways of imprinted decor on boiled eggs...with dyes, stickers, pasted paper, and we even got some silk cloth design imprint on some of them.

A short and polite visit to our neighbours' home

In our village, most homes celebrate with food and drinks. It's the time when families take time to gather together. We don't have families here besides ourselves...but our neighbours never fail to call us over. There's always the decorated boiled eggs which is given to each person and you choose a partner to hit/knock the egg ends with a cracked egg of course!  

shadow imprint of the budding cherry tree

Easter traditional celebration are getting more commercialized and a mere occasion to 'party' excuse. As for me, easter reminds me of new life and God's goodness as I see new buds sprouting from trees in our garden at this time.

Wishing you lots of blessings for this year.



  1. Those Easter eggs look pretty , Annie ! You're lucky to have such nice and caring neighbors but then so are they ;)

  2. What a lovely tradition that seems very far away from our "eat as much chocolate as you can" one over here!

  3. Oh Annie, the decorated eggs are adorable...I like these much better than the chocolate ones...
    Enjoy your week :)

  4. I love Easter! Grateful for Savior and his teaching. Decorated eggs are very charming! Nice tradition.


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