Monday 4 May 2015

A Local Worm Farm

Dear Family & Friends

We always pass by this sign that says: Red Worms. So out of curiousity someone drove in to find out.

The board says: red californian worms

In an open field, there were long rows of what seem to be earth and compost lined with a PVC material holding it up.

long rows of beds in the worm farm

I'm quite surprise this is their way of farming worms all in an open field. We have two containers of wormery in our garden, but we keep it well covered. We understand worms prefers darkness and away from the harsh open air environment.

Up close, we just see composting poops and other composting garden materials

Perhaps this is another way of worm farming. I was expecting a bit more sophistication when I saw the sign...but at least my curiosity has now been satisfied.

Having a wormery at home is easy. They don't require much attention except for some kitchen veggie scraps plus shredded paper/cardboard and water feed whenever you remember. In return, they give back worm casting which is rich and good for the garden. 

Do you keep or encourages worms into the garden? Or have a wormery for the health benefit of your garden soil needs? 

All for today...Wishing you a good day too:)



  1. This is so cool! And yes I did think they like to be covered up but I bet this works just as well! I do not keep worms at the present though my sister in law does....I'm thinking that's next on the list! Happy week friend! Nicole xo

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  3. It took me long time to get use to earthworms, I won't be growing any worms for sure.

  4. I keep my garden beds heavily mulched with pine needles and old leaves and whenever I push some aside to plant something, there are lots of worms right there underneath, so I'd say that worm farm works like my mulch. I love worms in my garden. :-)

  5. Fascinating! Don't see that kind of farm here.


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