Friday 15 May 2015

Work and Pleasure

Dear Family & Friends

The week had just gone by so fast specially as we find ourselves with lots to do. We finally tiled our window ledges. This serves as our sitting area when outside. The two girls were employed to do the job of sticking leftover broken tiles. With four window ledges to do, they did it with joy under two hours! Their father grouted it afterwards for the finishing touch.

Tiling our window ledge

Here goes...I think it looks nice. The father and daughters team works well in our household. I didn't get involved with this project but was busy transplanting seedlings that day.

Now, that makes  a nice sitting area

The potted purple Oxalis were grouped together to form a base for the pot of sweet pea which I hope to climb onto an existing post.

purple oxalis surrounding the potted sweet pea

The sweet peas that were planted directly on the ground last autumn, withstood the cold winter, and it's now starting to bloom...Sweetpea is one of the most rewarding flowers to grow....they're are so fragrant that you just can't ignore them.

the fragrance of sweet peas are intoxicatingly good:)

Last autumn I also transplanted and move a vinca plant to an area where we passes by often. I then realized and noticed that this is pretty evergreen plant, under slight protection, actually produces beautiful purple/blue flower. I will propagate this plant to make further impact this year:)

varigated vinca plant with it's flower

All the time we make, we grow, and we discover different things in the garden. Life is simple and that's how we enjoy it:) Hope you have a lovely week too:)



  1. It all looks so beautiful Annie! First off your daughters and husband did an amazing job on that window bench! It is absolutely gorgeous!!! And I am a huge fan of looks so pretty surrounding your pot! And cheers to the sweet peas!! Such a stunning garden all around! Nicole xo

  2. Beautiful window bench and flowers, sweet pea is one of my favorite flowers, I let them self seed and they do a good job of filling up empty spots in the garden.

  3. dear annie,
    the window bench looks gorgeous!!!! love the sweet peas!!!!
    have a nice week,
    love and hugs

  4. Beautiful garden bench! Looks professional! Great color! I love sweet pea too. I have seeds but not planted busy caching up on errands.


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