Friday 5 June 2015

It's going to be a warm summer

Dear Family & Friends

The temperature outside is soaring up and up each day...I'm glad that we have very thick three feet house mud walls, as it keeps our home cool inside...without the need of air conditioner!!

Finally my first ever Lupin plant and the joy of seeing it's bloom:)

Yet, one can't resist going out in the discover some new plants, get food harvest, and smell the abundance of flowers all around. Early morning and late late afternoon is the best time to enjoy the garden.

Quack and Quack are out to enjoy the murky pool, while the other Quack is keeping cool inside

Even our growing ducks are starting to feel the heat...but at least they have a murky little swimming pool to enjoy from time to time;P

Our intensive bio diversity vegetable garden

I'm not complaining....because with the warm temperature, everything seems to be taking off...everything is growing so fast... plenty of food to eat and harvest everyday:) The weeds are doing great too...well, it's not really a big deal...just pull them up from time to is also good food for the chickens, ducks and it keeps and helps make our soil healthy too:)

Hope you are enjoying the season...yes, do enjoy them for they don't really last long.



  1. Hi Annie, I love your huge garden. Your lupin plant look gorgeous.
    You must be busy harvesting, enjoy your summer.

    Have a wonderful weekend, regards.

  2. dear annie,
    your kitchen garden looks your lupin!! it's a busy time.
    have a nice week,

  3. What a gorgeous bloom you have up there Annie! It is spectacular!!! And just look at all of the growth in your garden! That is sure a happy sight my friend! Wishing you all good things in the garden this week! Nicole xoxo

  4. Looks so good!
    Thank you so much for my seeds and the packets are lovely. I'm going to put them on the blog soon! My girls were obsessed about the pictures drawn on them.

  5. Wow! Your vegetable are going nicely!


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