Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Snake Beans in a chaotic Garden

Dear Family & Friends

The chaos in this garden is unimaginable. There's everything growing everywhere. I believe that's the beauty I want in a garden...our garden is very productive with lots of food for human and all creatures that lives in the garden. Every year it is never the same. Most plants are planted annually, but there's also lots of perenials plants that goes on growing (some hibernate for the winter and comes back in Spring).

our chaotic garden is very productive

Many of the plants are also what we call 'volunteer plants'... they plant themselves in our garden. Usually we don't have the heart to pull them they also grow to form the big chaos. But I must say, some of the plants are very special to the gardener of this the exotic Asian veggies that really struggle to grow, and needs more special care.

So happy with a handful of snake beans/yard long beans harvest

This snake beans or yard long beans is one of them. I know it is just a bean...but I'm attached to some memories of eating them as a child...and yes!! I rejoice greatly when they give me even just a handful of harvest...and I'll grow it again next year...who knows, the plant might get the strain of growing more strongly in this climate as we persist them to.

Persistence is a character...there are things in life that we have to work on harder...usually it pays off.

Here's wishing you a good day till my next post.


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  1. Annie, I love long beans. very easy to prepare and not stringy as the other beans. I said it before but your garden is amazing!


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