Monday 23 November 2015

Indeed.. a good morning.

Dear Family & Friends

No news is good news out there...Europe is in chaos, filled with selfish gains, without regard of other human except the SELF! I checked the weather forecast before going to bed to enable me to plan my chores for the morrow...Hmmmm...although we have been having absolutely wonderful weather the past weeks...this too is changing...forecast is starting to look grim.

We woke up and was greeted by a double rainbow.

BUT...when morning came...the weather was warm, a glimpse of sunshine is breaking out, a bit of rain drizzled, then a five minutes down pour...Hey! It's all good for the garden! Most of all, we witnessed a beautiful double rainbow:) Rainbow is a reminder of God's promise! HOPE for the week!

Another new day
 My planned chores drawn last night all changed. Even the menu of the day was slightly altered. My chicken nugget got a revamp.. it turned into a healthier version...still a nugget but with lots of herbs and chopped veggies added to it. I remembered my big girl asking each one of us before we all said goodnight to each other if anyone is the same as her...getting excited going to bed - thinking what food she would be eating the following day. To me that's a compliment:)

A healthier version of my chicken nugget

Given another warmer day, I quickly went and dug up as many chives as I could. Recently we have been snacking on Chinese savory dumpling called 'he zi /jiao zi'...there's many version for this recipe. Known also as Japanese gyoza, a Spanish empanadita, or even an English version of small pasties. The fillings can vary...we fill ours with lots of chives. It's delicious, specially as we have tons of chives in our garden to harvest.

Chives taste good..we use lots of them

Little dumplings are good alternative snack as we are getting tired of the little pancakes that the girls make now and again.

Having a break from little pancakes

The morning's double rainbow was indeed a good morning start for this week...despite chaos...we do have is simple and we have to enjoy it.

Wishing you  a good week ahead too.



  1. I don't recall ever seeing a double rainbow, it must be a gorgeous sight. Glad your double rainbow was a good start for your week.

  2. Lovely thoughts. Try making some little apple pancakes as snacks they're great for natural sweetness.

    1. oh yes...we also like mixing some apple sauce to makes it a very soft pancake too...must get back to that recipe. Thanks for the suggestion Kev:)

  3. What a nice way to wake up! So peaceful and lovely! Portland is raining so much and caused some flooding in some area. Our back yard had standing water of 12 inches or more...I was getting nervous.

    1. Flooding seems to be a common occurrence these days...not so nice ... I tend to think it is because of climate change caused environmentally by men?? Hope it won't get worse. Take care and wishing you a nice sunnier days ahead:)


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