Saturday, 12 December 2015

Do you share your kitchen?

Dear Family &  Friends

Been looking at old photos and realized how time flew so quick. For one, my little girls are no longer little and their looks also changed. All those years I was at home with them...still is, faithfully teaching, instructing, and guiding them, etc...our home is just one big school for everything.

my little girl was eight years old and preparing a pita bread for the family to eat

Besides home schooling them, I also taught them to do work at home. OK...perhaps I should be the one to do all the housework as I don't go out to work for a living....but, that is not the point. Probably you think: What a lazy mother, using the children as child labour at home!

This girl is now a teenager but still loves the kitchen and comes up with more meal choices:) 

No, No...believe me, by involving my children and giving them share of house chore responsibilities , they developed into confident and responsible teenagers/adults! Invaluable knowledge and skills were learned at a very young age:) That's the greatest treasure I could give them!

My Conclusion: Go ahead...share your kitchen, and don't be afraid to teach your children how to work!

Cooking is just one thing a child could learn at home and eventually they learn to love what they do, feel confident of what they can achieve...and become so used to working and taking instructions and responsibilities. My girls would now take charge of preparing some of our meals. As for me, I've learned to share the kitchen with others .. a difficult thing to do ... at times.

Hope you have an enjoyable time with your family too. Families are precious:)



  1. That's the best way to learn! I'm so glad that my mother taught me to cook and clean. I am always surprised when I encounter people (unfortunately some flatmates) that were never taught. I share the work with my husband, who is also very capable, and it was just one less thing to be stressful when I first moved away from my parents :)

  2. Your girls are so neat! I love the photos. She must be the one who I'm corresponding with? I'm really impressed by her Japanese skill. I would love to meet her someday.

  3. I'm totally agree with you. Involving your children to the housekeeping gives them the understanding necessity to keep home clean and tidy, teach them a lot of stuff they'll have to do themselves in the future. As for me I helped my mom with her everyday work at home since I was 10 or maybe even younger. When I was 11 I helped her with my new born sister and now I'm really thankful cause I know how to take care of a toddler.

    1. I admire your mom for investing in you ...and you for accepting and valuing what her longer plans are:)


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