Sunday 24 January 2016

Beautiful Krichim

Dear Family & Friends

This was our family day trip to a place called Krichim. The place is not developed but it's so beautiful out there. After driving for a few minutes, passing through some villages, we found ourselves getting closer and closer to high mountains that I felt I could just about touch them!!

The mountain ranges are sitting on big lakes!
Beware signs of rocks falling off the mountain are posted...yes we see some rocks on side roads...but on a sunny day...that doesn't concern us as we witness awesome natural beauty that surrounds us. Can't help but think - what amazing and creative Creator we have - to come up with this design!!

surrounded by mountains and peaceful water

Our destination is not sign fact, we were just driving blind to where we are going...and discovered such beautiful place. Perhaps there's more visitors to this place in warmer season, but for seems like, it's just us going there.

notice the layers on the base of the mountain...we believe it's water marks.
The huge mountain ranges sit on a big lake. Part of the lake have few floating houses (not sure whether they are seasonal restaurants or jetties??). We imagine these houses floats up higher as water raise up on certain times of the year, base on the water marks we see at the base of the mountains. For the moment, the water is really low. The houses are way below the cliff we're standing on...we even wonder how people get there??

beautiful floating houses on the lake

We will probably make another visit in Spring time...we guess the water table will be higher after all the snow melts from the mountains. The scenery would be slightly different from this time and perhaps those houses would be accessible to get to.

blue sky and blue water...but at times we observed portion of the lake is deep green in colour too! 
The weather temperature was about 1C but with the low winter sun shining fiercely that day, it felt around pleasant that we thoroughly enjoyed our day trip....yet, about 1 pm, we decided to head back to search for some pizza which the girls were dreaming of that day.

Hope you enjoyed the beauty of the place too. Have a good week:)



  1. Hi Annie, I can see that your one day trip is a beautiful one and the mountainous place is gorgeous. Pizza sounds good!

    1. It doesn't cost much to please give us joy...the sight of nature alone is awesome. I'm glad you share the same joy:) Have a good day today Nancy.

  2. Hi friend! So beautiful!!! What a stunning place to visit!!!! Wishing you a glorious week ahead!!! Nicole xoxo

    1. Hi Nicole! Welcome back:) Been missing you in the blog world.

  3. Beautiful those mountains surrounded by water, Krichim must be a wonderful place to visit in Bulgaria and you had together a great day out. I'm for the first time on this blog and have been reading a few posts, love it. I will be your new follower.
    Regards, Janneke

    1. Hi Janneka...I'm glad I could share with you part of our life in eastern Europe. Thank you for your kind words. Wishing you and good day:)

  4. Beautiful!!! So peaceful and love the floating houses!


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