Tuesday 23 February 2016

Life's blessings

Dear Family & friends

My big girl took the challenge of designing a website for her father's freelance business. She is just self teaching herself, learning as she go. Yet, she wants nothing but the best for her dad. This web design project is taking her while and she's pressuring herself to the challenge. I want to help her, but this old brain cannot understand computer language!! To de-stress the stress she built for herself, she took a break and decided to knit herself a headband. (Stressed??...go do knitting!!)

a knitted head band from the big sister

So after knitting the headband, she called her younger sister (they're each other's best friend) to model it for her, then realized, that it looks good on her sister and she likes it too. So, the headband immediately took a new ownership:) Happy daughter number two.

The unexpected parcel...

Daughter number two's blessings didn't stop there. Today, she received an unexpected parcel from a Japanese friend. I met her through blogging, and some how my little girl got in touch with her as she is so keen on learning Japanese. She has been a great encouragement to her ever since.

So many beautiful gifts!

Our family is just amazed how a person, whom we never met in person, can be so kind and generous to this one little girl. My little girl has been so touched by her gesture, in fact we all are!

The great joy:)

Thank you, thank you my friend...for bringing a big smile to our family with your unexpected great kindness and super generosity. We hope to meet you in person one day...

A treasured book!

There are many people we meet along the way...some brings joy, some brings challenges, but all have a purpose and a reason. I hope that we too, are fulfilling our role to the people in return, along life's way....

May you be blessed just as we are so blessed:)



  1. She is a beautiful girl with a sweet smile.

  2. It's nice. Friends around the world ☺

  3. She is so beautiful! Her Japanese is near perfect!

    Thank you for the sweet blog post!


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