Friday 11 March 2016

Quick chow on busy days

Dear Family & Friends

Our neighbour rears some piggies and they usually slaughter them around mid to end of winter season. The meat is canned and preserved in bottles for future use. They also process dried sausages. Recently, we received some of their homemade dried sausages. I should think they are much better than a store bought ones as they are without preservatives.

Homemade Gift from our neighbour 

The Bulgarian dried sausage reminds me of the Chinese version of dried sausage, but the Bulgarian version is salty than sweet. They come very handy when I'm running out of time to prepare meals for my forever hungry family.

I think these dried sausages are ready to eat - but I must cook them. 

The locals normally eat them as it is...but I tend to pan fry it, without any oil, just to make me accept that it is cooked. I use them as toppings to fried rice or pasta dish. Making it a good convinience food to have on hand.

Lentil patties - a high protein meatless burger imitation

As gardening activity increases, I have to come up with food that is quick and easy to cook. My homemade patties of pre-boiled lentils, mixed with lots of herbs, some flour, eggs...and pan fried in always appreciated by all.

My tea time meal prepared by my little girl...they were yummy:)

While I prepare our daily cooked lunch meals, my little girl (the beautiful teenager who's 14 today) is in charge of our supper or tea for the evening. Usually she prepares sandwiches, but when we ran out of bread for the day...she would cook something simple. Yesterday she prepared her own version of a savoury pancake...full of fresh chives, topped with a slice of was delicious:)

Our family are so easy to please when it comes to long as there's veggies and herbs...there's always never a complain. Nom-nom...Yum-yum:)

Hope you have a beautiful sun shiny day to cheer you up today.



  1. Hi Annie, the homemade sausage definitely look good and we know what's inside. The store brought sausage contains lots of preservatives thus can't eat too often.

    the snack prepared by your girl look very delightful. Well done, keep up the good job.

    Have a nice day, regards.

    1. Thank you for your constant kind words of encouragement:) I wish you a beautiful week too:)


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