Monday 20 June 2016

No frill lifestyle

Dear Family & Friends

Our little family is grateful and content with our everyday simple living. We look at life with joy and appreciation. Most days we wake up and can's another beautiful new day. Here's some photos taken by our two girls as they enjoy roaming around the village.

This is our handsome rooster....he got a lot to say by the look he gives you...

Around late afternoon, the villagers would have finished some of their mundane and everyday chores...and you would see them sitting outside their home bench, besides the road, in groups, for a chat. Must have lots of issues to discuss daily...because the meeting resumes again same time next day;P
daily 'parliament' meeting of the village ladies

Yes...they have worked hard. Life is a balance. To know how to work hard is just as important as knowing how to relax and enjoy too. If you peep into the door opening of a village home, you can see a glimpse of a well cleaned and tended practical food garden.

take a peep into the door that leads to a prestine garden

Animals are integral part of living here. They are cared for and they also have their share of responsibility. Horses and donkeys are used to help the villagers in their daily work too.

working horse having a break

Living in our village is a down to earth's all about the call to work and rest...only to start again the following day as part of a simple life. No frills....Life is good when we fulfill our role.

Another beautiful looks like tomorrow is another beautiful day again:)

The sun is setting, the two girls have captured some of the beauty of the day...and we are all looking forward to tomorrow once again. Hope you have a good appreciation of living where you are too.



  1. Thank you, Annie for a little glimpse into your life and sharing part of your life with us. I would love a chat with the rooster. Lol!

    1. Nancy, I'm glad you appreciate my sharing:) I've lived in a city that doesn't sleep, I've lived in a country where everyone wants to go and live in, I've lived in an overpopulated place etc... but here where we are right now, is the place I find that's almost perfect to us:) Wishing you a lovely day too!

  2. Your photos are classics Annie!

    1. Thank you Mr. Home Maker. Perhaps it is because some of the things in our village have never moved on - just yet- as if, time stood still:)


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