Thursday 8 September 2016

0.15 US cents / 0.13 euro cents per kilo for watermelon

Dear Family & Friends

On our way to our various errand one Saturday, we saw a few cars by the road side along a van full of watermelon. Something exciting going on here. We just have to join the fun. Summer in Bulgaria means eating lots of watermelon...very soothing for those hot summers' days that we get here.

watermelon vendors by the roadside

I never grow watermelon in our garden because it requires a lot of water and the plant loves to take a lot of space to sprawl around.'s not worth growing as we can buy them so cheaply. As summer goes on...prices keep on dropping down too!

Watermelon in the van, pick and weigh - just for 0.25 stotinski per kilo!!

Yes, it only cost 0.15 US cents or 0.13 euro cents for a kilo of watermelon! They are sweet and very juicy too! That day we came home with 3 very big and heavy watermelons, costing us only a total of about 2 euros for the lot!! This is one joy that we enjoy being in Bulgaria!!

By the way, watermelon taste so much nicer on a very hot day! So, I'm off to enjoy some watermelon with my little family in the garden. I hope you have an enjoyable day today too:)



  1. What a marvelous bargain. I hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of that "taste of summer".

  2. I never liked watermelon until I tend it fresh. Like you said great in a hot day!


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