Wednesday 21 September 2016

On Language Learning

Dear Family & Friends,

I've recently picked up a language book from our that I found challenging years back...only to find that time has made me overcome them. In language learning, it is important to just get on and speak whatever little you know how. Practice is more important that pouring on grammar books!!

Re-reading a cyrillic book 

In our little family, we share the love of learning languages. Not so with the only male member...but he has least I can say he is bilingual. For us ladies, learning languages seems much easier. As a mother, I tried influencing our two girls on being multilingual from toddler age.  I have to admit that I couldn't MAKE them learn other language. It was only as they grew older (7 yrs up)...that I was able to convince them of the importance of learning other languages besides English. With our living in a foreign land...the concept and interest just developed even more.

Able to understand another language means you can order and understand snack labels

None of us go to language school for our learning...we just acquire it through self teaching. Once you got one....learning another is easy. We share several language interest but there are still a few that I know that the girls haven't picked up yet...but young as they are...their minds are quick in picking odd words that I utter now and again. Soon they will take lead!

and easily find your way as you look for the shop you intend to go to:)

If you're one of those that get stuck with grammar books...just don't dwell on it too much...go and practice speaking with what you think it is...learning is quicker that way. Don't be embarrass to learn or make mistake because that's the stepping stone:) Language study is a continual learning...we learn, we have a break, and we re-learn again. It can only get better and it's all fun:)

Keep life interesting and wishing you a good week.



  1. Interesting post Annie, I see we have not only gardening in common but also the love for languages. Living in a small foreign country we have to learn languages to expand our field of vision. I admire you and your daughters that you all acquire it by self teaching, hats off to you!!
    On high school we can all learn English, German and French and sometimes Spanish, but the grammer was high on the list you understand, sigh.... for when you don´t need it for commercial purposes, conversation is most important I think. Anyway, I´m not going to learn Bulgarian and I suppose you don´t go to teach yourself Dutch I suppose, all too unimportant and too difficult I think, haha.
    Wish you a very nice rest of the week!
    Regards, Janneke

    1. Janneka, I wish to add Dutch in my list but brain cells get exhausted and sleepy these days...ah, old age! Although my big girl had a look at Dutch and she said it is similar to German. I would like to believe her but at present, I'm still going back and forth with my German!! Wishing you a beautiful day as well:)


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