Tuesday 25 October 2016

Her first ever salary

Dear Family & Friends

Life is a long journey. We must therefore start it right. We are never afraid of teaching our two girls to work...age is never an excuse. Their job experience started at home. Neither of them gets monetary payment for what they do...they themselves would be horrified to extract money from their own parents for cleaning the toilet!! We all feel responsible for each other within our little family.

life is a journey

From time to time, I wonder whether it was right that I stopped working for salary to take full care of our little family ever since our first born arrived. Training the two girls was our top priority investment and I know it was the best thing I've ever done. From early baby days, it just got better and better as they progress to teen years ..with training, they have become pure blessings:)

taking time to ponder on things from time to time

Our little girl is under her father's work apprenticeship. She prepares English lesson plan each week to teach a little girl just a year younger than her. Then, immediately after their lesson, she prepares the lesson report for her student and her parents...plus of course a reference for herself and as her report  to her father. She does this diligently in exchange for a beehive. 

Sadly we recently lost the hard earned 'bee family' due to attack by another colony. The student's family were just as devastated as we are. They didn't want that our little girl ended up with nothing for the teachings and help she gave them the past months.

Family are there for each other - at all time.

Should opportunity arises again, they promised to try and get us another bee family. But this time they proposed to pay money in exchange for language lessons. My little girl was not expecting this...but since the parents of the student and the student herself is happy with the progress...the proposal was accepted. This is my little girl's first ever paid job - her salary!

With her salary she is planning to buy herself a sewing machine. She is keen on fashion design and is presently teaching herself how to sew. I'm proud of her work ethics...and I'm glad that as parents, we never robbed them of opportunities to love working even from when they were little. 

All sorts of life beneath the surface of  the sea water

Not all work ends up being paid with money...but money is not everything to aim for. I work every single day at home...but never get paid...not even a single penny...yet,  I am so rich and blessed:)

Wishing you all blessings too:)



  1. Good for her. You have to put yourself out there. Learning responsibility and that people are relying on her, will stand her good stead in the future. Have a good week Annie and family!

  2. That's so good! The fact that she wants to save up to buy something practical says a lot as well!

  3. You have WONDERFUL parenting skills, Annie! I know you are so proud of your girls!


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