Wednesday 19 October 2016

Work is about to start

Dear Family & Friends

We finally got the keys to the apartment and it seems like every other apartments in our building have workers already doing the interiors (new apartment are sold at it's very basic over here, and all interior works are the owner's responsibility). It's interesting to peep in and see their layout because everyone got different styles and apartment sizes. Ours is only very small and we are doing the interiors ourselves. No, not envious...we're happy with our allotment as it is and are looking forward to all necessary work!

Another visit to check the apartment progress

This week, we started measuring the floor area so that we can get and calculate the materials we need to make it homey, like the floor and wall tiles, and other essential units and fixtures.

measuring every little space we've got

Because it's only a small apartment, we have to be very careful on how to make use of the space. Everything must conform to the size of the area... Oh, not so easy when you're given a set of limitation!!

measuring the length to hang a possible light fixture

Somebody is taking his time inside the bare apartment, so the girls went and explored the communal corridor. They saw a tall metal ladder leading to a roof window on the floor above us. They're not sure what it is for....I told them that because it is an apartment, there's no chimney for Santa Claus to come down to, and so the builders built one of this form instead.

the long metal ladder that leads to a roof window

Yeah, do you think the two teenagers took my story? They never even believed in Santa Claus when they were wee toddlers!! HA! HA! Anyway, I'm just reminded of the the time going very fast. The cool autumn season has already started over here...and yes, soon it will be the holiday season once again. YIKES! We must make good use of our time.

Wishing you a productive - with lots of good time this week.



  1. I understand you are looking forward to start with the interior work of the apartment and make a second home of it. You are really lucky to have a small apartment in the city besides your home in the country, always nice to stay there for a few days during shopping days or cultural visits.
    Regards from Holland,

  2. What an exciting adventure. The building is beautiful, and I'm sure you'll enjoy making it cozy in your apartment. Best wishes to you...

  3. It's always so exciting to start in a new apartment. I wish you all the best, and I hope you are having a great week. :)

  4. i cant wait to see what you do!

  5. I am looking forward to see your progress in getting your apartment ready. Have a beautiful day!

  6. Hi Annie, look forward to see your interior decoration. nice apartment.

    Best regards,


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