Monday 14 November 2016

An afternoon family trip to Kalofer

Dear Family & Friends

Today I'm showing to another beautiful day trip that is just around the corner from where we live. There's this Bulgarian hero called Hristo Botev. He didn't live long but he is so well known here because most roads are named after him. I admit I don't know him well but I will do some research when I get free time to update my history knowledge:)

We visited a place called Kalofer. We have been here a few times in the past, but we just associate this place to this gigantic statue of Mr Botev. The surrounding area is designed in it's past communist style. But with a bright beautiful day, we decided to get off the car to explore the area a bit.
somebody just had to mess around with his signature pose along the long flight of steps leading to the top.
Kalofer is in the edge of the nature conservation area. We climbed the steps upward to have a close look of Mr. Botev...from the top we also got the vantage point of seeing the the group of local houses and all the beautiful colours of autumn...nature is painted with red, brown yellow and green leaves on trees at this time.

the big statue of Mr. Hristo Botev

I love the local Bulgarian traditional house architecture. I love the wood they use to form part of their homes. It's appropriate because Bulgaria is surrounded with mountains and lots of trees.

beautiful house adorned wth autumn colour trees, plus mountain background is all too perfect for me

The dark wood balcony on old houses form it's character.

dark old wood balcony are just so attractive part of the house front:)

So with the wooden framed windows. I just love them all:) They sometimes paint border lines around window frames.

beside our beautiful model, don't you think those windows with wooden shutters are gorgeous? 

When we go see certain places and countries...what we see and reminds us of, is the style of architecture. These are usually based on the resources found in that area, plus of course the culture of the people that dictates it all.

Hope you also enjoyed some of the beautiful things we see in Bulgaria that I shared with you today. Perhaps, one day you might even get the opportunity to see them for real:)



  1. Indeed, these Bulgarian houses are of a wonderful architecture and your daughter a real beauty!

  2. Very nice "trip" --I love architecture and it's nice to see the variations from area to area.
    I wish I could see Bulgaria in person. It looks like such a lovely place to be!

  3. I love the house.. its so beautiful and has a welcoming vibe...

  4. I would love at some point to visit. We are hoping to get a motorhome in the future and tour as much as possible. Hopefully before Brexit and things are uncertain.

    I love architecture. I think I missed a calling there. New build houses are not works of art are they. When you go to somewhere say... Stratford Upon Avon and see all the timber framed houses wow, just wow.

    Thank you for showing us a small part of Bulgaria. It looks beautiful


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