Thursday 24 November 2016

Day trip with our visiting French Friends

Dear Family & Friends

Sometime ago, our French friends came to visit us in was a delight to meet them in person because they are very gracious and easy going couple. Unfortunately, we didn't have as much time as we want, to take them around etc... as our main driver's work schedule was quiet booked that week. I could have drove them around but I'm not really a confident driver...with a very poor sense of direction too:( 

The hotel complex rooms
Nonetheless, we managed to take them around in nearby places of interest. We went to a hotel complex that also owns a our guest joined the winery tour and found listening to their own voice very fascinating, in an ancient natural acoustic place inside the winery area.

Local Bulgarian lunch meal enjoyed with our friends
We also had a lunch meal at the hotel complex, to which our friends insisted on treating us. They tasted the local Bulgarian meals and they liked it except for the drink called ayran. It looks like a glass of milk but it is a watered down yogurt with a pinch of salt. We didn't like it before as we were used to the taste of creamy milk...but after a while...we acquired the taste!

the Thracian thomb mount 
After the meal, we visited the ancient Thracian tomb and temple. Thracian are said to be the oldest civilization. Would you believe they were much older than the Egyptians civilization? Unfortunately the world knows Egyptians civilization much more because the Thracians never recorded nor developed the art of writing to record things down.

an excavated temple of the Thracians
There were also some temples that was uncovered and it's very much a part of the old history of Bulgaria. Bulgaria got a very long and interesting history..conquered by many tribes and neighbouring countries for centuries. Main cities were built upon layers and layers of different old cities of previous conquerors!

This is said to be the Thracian ruler's burial mount
Our French friends find all the ancient culture very interesting. I would say they are more geared to culture than we are!!  Perhaps we must not take these things for granted specially as we are living in this country and has greater opportunity to discover so much more.

The foggy scenery from the hill top
After roaming around, a few walks here and there to admire some scenery despite of the unstable autumn weather, we came back to our village home and enjoyed each other's company with a simple meal and a some French magic tricks entertainment!!. One thing I admire them that Madame I. can speak, read and write in Mandarin! Aside from that, she speaks English, and French (very fluently).. and so with Monsieur P.

A few days after they went back to their home country...we start missing them already. but we promised to keep in touch with each other. Well, who knows...when we will meet again!



  1. Wah....talented in language. I know only a bit of Mandarin though i live in a country where Mandarin is used frequently

  2. I know what you mean...but, be's never too late to learn anything, and it's only a 'good thing' for Small Kucing to have and gain as much languages skill for future use:) All the best for your family, Virgie:)


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