Monday 2 January 2017

aspirations for new year 2017

Dear Family & Friends

No new year's resolutions for me because it's just not effective. What I do instead is to have a wish list and hopeful projects to work for. I write it down and I tick the list as I tackle my dream in whatever little step I give to it. I aim to fulfill this within the year.

This year, I hope to focus more on making our home garden more productive, at the same time, find ways to make it efficient. I am going for a more natural gardening. If nature will be favourable and I end up with more produce, I would like to share it with others in the city, to give them the taste of a more affordable good food that we have in our village.

Just look at this picture, somewhere in eastern europe...I find it inspiring. You can see the city in the far distance. Then, there's the village houses so full and beautiful with their respective productive food source right in their backyards. I just love the idea:) There's something in it that will certainly push me to fulfill my 2017 aspirations.

Hope you have a peaceful 2017 year ahead of you and don't forget to keep working and aspiring for the better...May you have all the success as you work on it:)



  1. That is such a beautiful picture.
    I'm embarrassed to say that here in the United States, areas have BANNED the growing of vegetable gardens. Can you imagine???? What a horrible way to live.
    Best of luck on your projects for the year. I live by lists--it's the only way I get things done.
    Happy New Year, Annie

    1. oh no...nothing is worst than banning vegetable garden :( I hope this foolishness is not allowed in your area! ...otherwise, come over here:)
      Sue, may you have the best of what 2017 brings on:)

    2. Wow Sue that is not great at all to ban veggie growing. What would happen if someone was made redundant and needed to keep their family going for a year?

  2. This picture is very much like some views we have seen in the south of France when we have been camping. Next to one camp site there, an older couple put out a little basket with fresh things from the garden and asked for donations for the church only.


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