Tuesday 21 February 2017

The secret of distraction

Dear Family & Friends

I often wonder why I see my daughter diligently - or it seems to be diligently, working on her school work for long hours...yet, she seems to not get to the end of it all! I suspect there's some distraction going on.. but I don't have any evidence for it....

distracted by drawing

...until I discovered papers with lots of drawings! I'm supposed to tell her off for getting distracted every so often, but... I thought it was not worth it. After all, I enjoyed her doodles!

all the days work....

On her desk top...all her school works are laid out...no drawings papers to show any evidence of distraction...until you open the drawer...

drawing collections are hidden in this drawer

That's where all the hidden distractions are located! Her leaking ink pen (the one I told her to throw away ASAP before it'll stain my tablecloth) ... her collection of drawings done in between time... including her drinking mug!! Yes! they were all inside the drawer!!

it includes the old ink pen...and drinking mug!!

Oh whatever next!! I kept my composure well and not show any amusement either. Life is too short... some fun must be done as well. Bringing up children is such an interesting phase of life. Children are precious including their funny character. You just have to love them all for who they are.

Hope you are having a good week....one that is not too distracted from the set goal. Yes, keep on achieving that goal...afterall, we're still at the beginning of the best year!



  1. I think your daughter has a future in the arts--whether that be graphic design or cartooning or ?????
    Lucky her for discovering what she loves at an early age.
    I'm a grandmother and STILL don't know what I could be when I grow up.....
    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thank you Sue. I appreciate your advice. We think so too.

  2. Hello Annie, I can see how you worried about her distraction from school work but, yes, there must be time in which she can do her drawings. They are beautiful and creative... she is so lucky you are turning a 'blind eye' occasionally to allow her these pleasures. I have a feeling her studies will benefit from the fact that she can have these little moments because it means the left side of her brain (which is used for logic) can have a rest while she engages the right side of her brain (which is used for creativity). Win-win as they say! :D)

    1. Sue, of the two girls..she's very easily distracted...but she doesn't mind being told. Often she would just reply: 'Oh mummy, I got distracted again.'... oh, she's precious as she is... I'm sure you're right...she finds drawing a means to have that needed break. Thank you for your views and encouragement on this.

  3. how old is she again? That's really good art work. very creative.

    1. 18 now...but her drawing style was like that since she was much much younger ...

  4. Your daughter has talent! She is going to be a great artist!


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