Thursday 9 March 2017

Free Extras for the Apartment

Dear Family & Friends

When you buy a new built apartment in Bulgaria, it's common that you pay the price for the size by square meter which includes the outside balcony. Basically you get the very basic structure of rooms with walls and concrete flooring. All other detail like wall finish, kind of floorings, electrical fittings, bathroom fittings, windows and doors are buyer's extra expenses and preferences.

free internal doors were installed in our apartment 

It's our first time to purchase a new built apartment in it's bare skeleton structure. Perhaps it's guts, or perhaps it's mix naiveness. Fortunate for us, we chanced a developer/constructor who offered good standard workmanship. Many gives shabby work for more profit...

Surprisingly, a double glazed windows and balcony doors were included and installed for us. Then later on, they also included internal doors, security door phones, doorbells, plus all electrically wirings and switches/sockets too. All these extras were for free. A bonus for us:)

a nice extra little touch - no. 3 on our main door

Today when we visited the apartment to do some weekend work, we found out that not only they came in to fit in two internal doors of our color choice...they also placed a little touch of brass number '3' on our outside main entrance door. It placed a smile on our face.

a black bird in our snow covered was hard to photograph him...he is so movable!

Little surprises do bring smiles to our faces. I hope you have many such smiles too along your way this week:)



  1. We all love surprises especially pleasant ones. Thank God for good and generous developer. I love the snapshot of the black bird and snow outside your window.

  2. Hello Annie, I'm so pleased for you that you found a reputable developer. Life does hold nice surprises at times and when our paths cross with good and honest business people, it's lovely. So happy for you.
    I love the Blackbird pic - they're so industrious, we enjoy ours too. They turn our soil over so well and only ask for the few worms they can find!
    Cheers now and enjoy each of your days :D)


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