Monday, 15 May 2017

Enjoy a good life

Dear Family & Friends

Our CEO, who is also my garden Assistant, always enjoy his part time gardening works. He normally does the things that I'd find too heavy and hard to tackle. He finds gardening relaxing and Saturdays are the usual free days for these.

another beautiful day to get to the garden and work some fun

Lately, it has been hectic for him to fit in Saturday gardening into schedule as  he got another project that he focuses on. But when he finds a few free hours during his week's schedule, he couldn't resist the garden visit.

except for our persimon tree (still just about budding) all other trees are already filled with lots of new leaves 

A garden shouldn't be seen as a is something to be enjoyed. So long as we plan it well and work with nature. Perhaps we notice that in a forest, no one does the gardening, yet it maintains just as well - if not better.

tiling needs precision with level as you work your way up

These days, our CEO is busy with finishing the bathroom works for our city apartment. He works on our apartment decorating project only on Saturdays or when free days present itself.

we didn't realized that subway tiles would take more time and effort because of their size.

It's a good little project because it gives him some challenges as he learn to do things that he never thought he could do! His confidence and skills grows in leap and bounce:) He is happy and we are all happy for him too!

it's almost there... but we never rush ourselves. a day at a time:)

Our two girls never cease to admire their father's hard working character. It's always a good testimony to other people around us. It sets as a role character model in our own family. The important thing is that at the end of the day, when you achieve something through honest good work, you feel like you met life with satisfaction and joy.

Life is too short, so enjoy it. Enjoy your day and stay happy:)


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  1. The bathroom is turning out great.. he is doing an incredible job..


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