Thursday 25 May 2017

Life need not be a struggle

Dear Family & Friends

We've noticed two months ago, a daily loaf of  bread in our village cost 30 cents Euro, it increased to 35 cents  a month ago, and now - it is 40 cents euro!! It's very cheap compared to other european countries..but the point is: food and commodity prices are FAST increasing!! I fear for many. My advice is to start being need not be a struggle. Basic food and shelter shouldn't be a burden.

If it is possible for is possible for everyone. Eversince we bought our first family home in the UK, we never opt for loan, nor got any help from any institution nor people for that matter. Our ONLY help is our Almighty and Faithful God. We choose to live within our means. We are just a one income earner family, because we believe a stable home and a happy family is the biggest investment we could invest in. The concept works! We bought properties and kept them all. We grow some of our food, some of which are not sold in shops but we are privileged to enjoy. With just being wise in our ways...and it is easy for all to do the same.

All the village property map you could check from the municipal office

Some years ago, a village grandfather who lives on his own in a  property home next to ours died...a sad thing but he was not the same old man who enjoyed the presence of our little girls harvesting sweet cherries from his garden, during his last years. Sadly, his house is now deteriorating as nobody seems to come and do some care..another sad thing. We thought perhaps we could have the opportunity to buy it.

Interestingly, in Bulgaria we just go to the municipality office to locate the property deeds for more information. There's no property agent to approach but we were told that the village mayor is the person who could do this role.

And this is the corresponding further informations - all manually recorded

It's a good exercise for our CEO....he is loving the challenge and he practices his local language with even more greater challenge. How far he will get to...?? we don't know... but, we never let this worry us...In life, we just walk forward to each day:) and always choose a wise lifestyle. Hope you have a good week ahead too.



  1. You are correct ,life is not for worrying..

  2. Well said. Actually life is very simple but we make it complicated. If only everyone is contented with the basic food and shelter. We too have been living within our means.


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