Sunday 7 May 2017

The rowing canal of Plovdiv City

Dear Family & Friends

Our little family enjoys living in our village home, yet, we also like to visit our city apartment every's not the city buzz we are's that piece of oasis where peace and quiet prevails. Five minutes walk from our apartment complex is a little forest area that leads to a big 8 kilometers open air, oval man-made rowing canal.

the hanging solid concrete bridge mid-way the oval rowing canal

It's an oasis for city dwellers....many people takes refuge to enjoy a quiet walk, cycle around on specified cycle lanes. Others would do roller blading as it's all flat and paved for that sort of activity too:) A good family destination.

cycling and walking lanes around the canal

Recently, the city of Plovdiv have invested on cycling lanes in the city centres, making it all very attractive and safe. We are a great fan of this idea:) I feel so proud of this city. 

the vast water content of the canal, where fresh water fish resides as well

From time to time, there's local and international rowing competition in this canal. We often see rowers doing their practices while their coach cycles around the oval canal, shouting some encouragements to their trainees. There's a rowing school in the area and other sports in the vicinity.

All very peaceful, quiet and safe -  sitting in bench and watch people goes by

Our little family finds it therapeutic to do cycling fun. Some of us, except me, cycles a complete circle of 8 kilometers at least twice, making it 16 kilometers without puffing!! I like sitting on a quiet bench and watch them pass by:) It's very entertaining too;P

the abundance of clear blue skies is one of the pluses here

In five minutes, we're all back in the apartment, replenishing food calories. We live a good and simple life of which we are thankful of each day. I'm so blessed with this little family...each one very happy and content, without bitterness in life. I pray it is the same with you all too:)



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