Saturday 17 June 2017

Country lifestyle

Dear Family & friends

The past weeks we have been in our city apartment more times than usual, as there were a few public holidays to take advantage of. The city of Plovdiv is developing so fast...there's so many apartments going up. Even within our complex, the scenery seems to change from week to week as they progress in finishing and working on the buildings. There's lots of cranes and diggers all adds up to the city noise! YIKES!

more apartments are being built

I'm a country mouse... although I join everyone whenever they arrange to go to the apartment, yet, at the end of the day, I always long for our village home - where everything is at a slower pace with just the gentle noise of the multitude of bees ad birds that fills our garden.

my assortment of harvest this morning: calendula and onions

Everyday, there's a lot of work in slow pace village life... but, I'm allowed to do everything slowly. If I don't finish my work, the next day is still there to accomplish it. Afterall, there's no end to jobs in a country life either.

more harvest: beans and young pea pods

Every morning while it is still cool, I gather as much food harvest that our garden gives us. Sometimes a lot more of this, sometimes a lot more of that! Everything seems to be growing so fast that I feel like there's no end to harvesting! I sometimes just have to pop them straight into my mouth while gathering to have lesser work;P 

my crochet project in between gardening breaks

By mid-day as the sun sets to full blast, I just have to sit on my neon green garden chair in the shade and enjoy another work. Surrounded with the entertaining noises of our garden friends, I race to finish my crochet project that I'm working on for the city apartment's use.

chopped buckets and buckets of comfrey plants to use as fertilizer

Oh yes, there's the unfinished garden chop n' dropping of comfrey plants that I was working on earlier on in the's still in one big drying under the sunshine. I will get back to it later when the sun starts setting again. This mount of comfrey cuttings are very valuable for my garden plants - my best organic fertilizer which our veggies will benefit much:)

Perhaps city life is sometimes fun...airconditioned shopping malls, restaurants, fun clubs to join etc... but I'm all for country living anytime:) All is well when one is content in life. Have a good weekend where you are:)


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  1. Hello Annie, your crochet project is beautiful and so delicate. The cotton is so fine.
    That's a lovely lot of comfrey for the garden.


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