Monday 5 June 2017

My vegetable garden - has yet to be filled

Dear family & Friends

Let me show you my vegetable patch area. I have made about 10 long rows of beds to grow our vegetables every year. It's just a rustic mounds with alternate trenches as walkways. I have no wood to spare to make a nice neat border to define a we planted chives as edging to hold up the soil. It looks so packed to date,  but I have yet to transplant and plant the vegetables in!

purple balls of flowering chives in my vegetable beds

Vegetables that have over wintered like the brassicas are left to flowers so I can collect my next seed to replant. There's also lots of existing walking onions which are always there. The garlic, planted in autumn last year, will be harvested around June this year. So far, the first spring planting of fava beans are taking the space, but I can still find a lot of spaces where I've planted my potatoes, tomatoes and other greens beans recently. Leafy veggies are also scattered here and there amongst it all.

My vegetable garden beds

It's one jolly vegetable place. I walk around and try to memorize where some of the plants are growing so that I will know where I can harvest our next meal.

brassica coming to seed, garlic, self seeded granny's bonnet fills some of my veggie beds

It will get more chaotic once summer is here as more heat loving plants will be planted in as well. There's Okra, aubergine and sweet pepper still waiting to get in once the weather warms up even more. Cucumber and courgette will probably snick in too if I ran out of space! The more the merrier! 

these chives were planted as edging of my veggie beds

In due time, some of the plants will be taken out once they finished producing their seeds and there will always be spaces for other late comers. This also changes the outlook of the vegetable garden. everything changes so quickly...thus gardening is never a boring task.

I hope you are having the joy of gardening where you are too. There's nothing better than this. Have a great day:)


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  1. Hello Annie, your vegetable garden is a gorgeous riot of colour! Yes, the more the merrier ... and what a happy place you've created. As well as happiness, the bonus is food for your table! Lovely :D)


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