Thursday, 27 July 2017

It's potato season in our village

Dear Family & Friends

At this moment, most of our villagers are harvesting or have already harvested their potatoes. We harvested ours, but it's a complete failure this year. We got very little as most of them were eaten by the cricket moles that live deep in the soil. I have yet to know how we can deal with this problem!! 

one of the villagers' home garden

Despite not successful with our potato harvest this year, yet, there's no way we are to be without:) Our next door neighbour gave us a box full of big potatoes because he was grateful we got his Friday newspaper for him. We are grateful for the gift of potatoes too:)

time to replant other crops in a village garden

Then, yesterday as my girl was walking in the village for a late afternoon stroll, she stopped by and said 'hello' to a grandmother sitting in a bench outside her house. The grandmother shared with her the disappointment of their potato harvest...because they were not as big. thus, she's giving it to her chickens! To our standard, a potato the size of large chicken egg is good enough! When she heard about our own failure...she asked my girl to carry a bucketful back home. With some of it...I made grated potato pancake with was so delicious and my girl took a dozen of it back to the grandmother to enjoy too:)  'Now grandmother...don't be too wasteful. We all love the 'small' spuds ;P'

a homey garden in our village

We live amongst these people, who loves simple living. They grow their own for their families and still manage to share their abundance with others. As you can see, all photos in today's post is not our garden....when my two girls are out and about walking in the village, sometimes grandmothers invite them to come and see their garden....They get the joy of chatting with the girls. 

Our village folks works hard and they are proud of their achievements. I think they should! The richness of our village people never fails:) May you also be filled with the joy of good people surrounding you where you are too:)


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  1. It's lovely to lilve in a place like that where houses have the space to grow lots of veg. Here new houses are being built with gardens far smaller than half my front garden! I have some good (older) gardeners locally to me though and they love that I grow so much.


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