Wednesday 5 July 2017

My 'A' student - Our success!

Dear Family & Friends

There are times when we have to be more understanding and supportive to our children simply because we love and care for them and wants to draw out their best potential. We raised our two girls in a well secured and happy home environment and we never considered in putting them into a box to conform with others. So, forget about the 'social' and 'bubble world' comments that we get from critics...they're all untrue and not necessary:)

our home schooled girls takes their own responsibility to excel themselves

Our two beautiful girls are home schooled, although some looks at it as a weird thing to do but we believe in what we do with all confidence:) We only want the very best for our children. I gave up secular work to stay at home for them and I'm glad I did. It paid over and above the cost. Both girls are very intelligent but most of all, we grew them to develop 'godly character'.

both girls are very different in their ways but both posses the godly character that we want in them

Both were taught the character needed in life but it does not mean that they both have the same personality. Skills were taught but they tackle it differently in their own individual ways. But along the way, my big girl somehow developed a phobia in writing her educational essay for certificate requirement.  I know what caused the fear but it can't be helped...all I needed to do was to pray, be patient, and give courage (with no sugar coating deal) from time to time.

proverbs 22:6 says: train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Looking back, it seems crazy that it took her 3 years to overcome the fear of completing these essays...but she did it , much tears accompanied it from time to was hard to watch.

This week, we are celebrating with her:) She finished and wrote it very beautifully.... The official results from the educational board in the UK came back and all her works got 'A' marks! Now, she looks back and laugh at her''s all of the past! She is an overcomer and we are very proud of her:)

Educational achievement is not's the character that counts the most. Both girls are self taught amazes me to hear them speak languages that we parents can't speak's their great asset and they're using it to their credit along with responsibilities too:)

We're having summer heat wave for the moment...but we're not going to be defeated...we're determined to go out and celebrate the blessings of everyday life with joy! You do the same and enjoy your day too!



  1. Congratulations to your girl and to you too for doing a great job as her mom! Well said and I agree with you that educational achievement is not everything, its the character that counts. Your girls are blessed with good parents and you are blessed with 2 intelligent girls!

  2. What an incredible post Annie. Heartiest congratulations to your daughter for her excellent results!
    Nancy has said it all so well in her above comment - well done, all of you :D)

  3. Nancy and Sue: Thank you for your kind reaffirming encouragement:) Sometimes it feels we feel so alone in our journey of homeschooling our girls because there's not many doing and being old fashioned like us. So, my appreciation to your comments:) Heat wave is knocking me down like a withered flower...hope you're having it better where you are! Enjoy your day.

  4. Congratulations for your daughter. Hard work is always repaid.


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