Thursday, 21 September 2017

Dilema of the elderly folks

Dear Family & Friends

It started yesterday when my little girl asked her big sister to delivered her freshly baked half loaf of bread to our next door neighbour. So big sister walked over to their main gate and saw the 93 years old grandmother sitting by the door. As she hand over the bread, the grandmother started crying. She said: 'I now can't see much. I can't walk properly since I broke my hips 10 years ago, and I can't hear clearly either. The only thing I still have is my mind.' My girl told her: 'It's OK grandma, I can still speak to you - close to your ears, so you can hear me.'

our local village grandmothers

How lonely it must be for this elderly grandmother:(

Today whilst in our garden, my girl is more sensitive to the grandma's dilemma. She heard the grandmother crying aloud, calling: 'where is everybody?' She got her son and his wife living and taking care of her in that house, but during the day, they are involved in their daily works. So, my girl felt compelled to check her out if she is OK, but noticed that there's actually someone there with her.

in a quiet world

Probably, she felt lost and very alone in her own world without her sense of hearing and sight:( Or perhaps, as my girl says, she's also losing her mind because she cries everyday. Sad as it might be, but at least she is under the care of her faithful and loyal family.

The journey of life can sometimes be tough. Somehow, I'm pleased that the girls have the opportunity to see and feel this aspect of living in a real world scenario around them. They understand compassion for fellow humans and knows the importance of showing them dignity and honour.

But let's not forget to look to some positive bright side of living too. Have a good day.


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