Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Make haste wisely

Dear Family & Friends

It helps to rehearse my day's work by writing it all down before hand. This helps me accomplish and reach some daily goals. because... there are certain days when it seems like the hours in the day is just not enough...sometimes it's my energy level that is not enough. 

my yo yo floor rug is getting bigger

Without planning, it's most likely that some projects I started will never get to finish. I've been working on sewing multicoloured yo-yos with hope that I could clear up recycled scrap materials and end up with a beautiful floor rug too. This is done only when I get in between free time. 

everyday there's meals to eat

With a family to look after, there's always home cooked meals that has to be prepared every day...then  the clearing up etc. Just the every day thing that you do in a home easily fills the time.

the garden hose in the garden is my constant company

With most days pretty sunny.... the garden often wants some drink too. Certain part of our garden which I have to water manually with garden hose. It does take a while.

canning good food ... all will be consumed before then.

Then, there's always the chore of canning and preserving the produce that we get out of our garden at this time of the year. The preparation, cleaning and processing does take time too. 

garden harvest, chop, wash and getting it ready for the freezer

With some reliable kitchen gadget like the slow cooker - it helps as long as I organize myself. I've learned to take advantage of it for the cooking process. I then don't have the need to watch it boil over or get burned. While it is cooking slowly, I can do other chore freely. I prefer making ready made food and freeze them for later use. The hard work now means I won't have to do them later.

tomato quiche - quick and easy:)

This week was all about preserving tomatoes. Made a lot of tomato sauces for pasta and stew..I'll sent some to our city apartment freezer for when the girls stay there, they can just defrost and have homemade ready food to eat. Bottled chutneys to accompany sandwiches or as side dish for later on. Even just having precut and washed veggies in the freezer is always a help as prepping before cooking all takes time.

While I feel energized with the weather cooling down... I make haste. ...yes, there's a lot of 'slow cooked meat stew' which I like to do... I prefer to have cooked meat stored in the freezer than raw meat...that's just my quirky ways...and it all helps my day's planning.

Life is perhaps mundane and filled with everyday chores...but it is good. Hope yours is keeping you challenged in good way too.


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