Sunday 10 December 2017

End of season task

Dear Family & Friends,

Time is moving on fast. We see it more as we notice our season changing both in fluctuating temperature as well as in the seasonal produce that we eat. Time even goes faster as we've been so busy this year with lots of various works. It amazes me how we cope with it all. Taking everything one day at a time.

end of season watermelon sales, along with pumpkins in our local market!

Now that our village home kitchen renovation is done, I'm slowly working in cleaning everything before putting things back. It's taking me a while as there's always other things to do in between. As winter is not far off, the urgency of installing water heater and air conditioner to keep our daughter from freezing in our city apartment, where she stays during the week, is the next great priority work on list.

In our apartment bathroom, an electric water heater is patiently waiting to be installed.

Back in our home garden, we also have urgent task to do before winter freeze. Our bees need winter protection over their hive. We kept delaying the job as other more urgent task comes. Just then, our village beekeeper grandfather called in. He wants to check our bees and do the necessary winter preparations for us. Now, that's a wonderful blessing indeed:) 

The grandfather even brought a jar of honey for our bees, but he realized that they actually won't need it. Our bee colony managed to gather enough honey into their hive, despite our fear that there's not enough flower nectar anymore when they settled in our garden very late in summer this year. Perhaps, the fact that we leave our garden to seed and flower everywhere, gave them a good resource:) We are very pleased with their progress - a full colony was what grandfather saw:) Another urgent task completed!

We are indeed surrounded with great blessings - living amongst our village folks is a precious privilege. We can't ask for more than this! Hope you find blessings and more - where you are too:)



  1. I know from experience that it feels good to live in such a wonderful community where people help each other when necessary. You certainly will be releaved by the help of this friendly beekeeper.
    Have a nice new week!

  2. Good neighbours are not easy to come by. You are indeed blessed with such kind neighbours.

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