Monday, 19 February 2018

Feelin Cold

Dear Family & Friends

Last month, some of my garden plants were still very brave fighting our winter temperature. Although we have constant very sunny days during the day, yet everything changes as soon as the sun sets.  Temperature just drops below freezing point till sun rises the following day, warming things up a bit again.

the globe artichoke was so brave and upright despite of the frosty nights last month...

but as frost comes night after night, it start looking so sad...

With the constant freeze, some of our perrennial plants can look so knocked down as they freeze up, but deep down their roots are protected that they will simply bounce back as soon as the weather warms up.

This hollyhock can fight winter cold but looks a bit knock down

Some of the plants don't mind the cold at all, but they won't put on much growth.

This poppy plant looks happy all through winter:)

Being in the garden, makes me appreciate the beautiful nature that is full of resilience and wonder. Our Creator is very clever indeed. He made everything so unique in their ways.

These days, I just can't wait for spring to arrive, where I can be working out in the garden as much as I could. I have so many plans and dreams for gardening this year....just...can't wait!!

Sending you good wishes for a beautiful day!



  1. I´m also very eager to start gardening again, but pffft I have to be patient, still too cold. By daytime when the sun is shining I almost cannot wait, but at night temperatures decrease to - 5 degr. so we have to wait another few days or even weeks.
    Wish you much happiness also in your wintergarden!

  2. Hi Annie! Over here the day is very hot sometimes up to 36 deg C but towards the late afternoon, we will have thunderstorm with strong wind. I can only do some gardening in the early morning.

  3. I dont think we have lost any plants this winter!


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