Tuesday 27 March 2018

Our neighbor's fruit orchard

Dear Family & Friends

I'm convinced that having fruit trees is the best thing you could have in the garden. Trees grow for years and the opportunity of gathering fruit out of it, is just a bonus. Once we visited our neighbor who grows lots of fruit trees.We picked fruits from his short trees till we were full - oh, so sweet and juicy food. Since there's so many fruits, we were invited to take home as much as we could too!

Fruit trees lining the pathway of our neighbor's shop front

Our friend got a vast land and he planted a big fruit orchard. This is of a commercial scale already.

Next to it is the large fruit orchard

It's an investment that can bring big returns.

Fruit orchard requires only minimum care

I came home thinking, if I could have the same opportunity, I would also be happy to go for a fruit orchard business. But as it is, in our garden, although not as big as our friend's land, yet, I already managed to make a small version of a fruit orchard with around 70 fruit and nut trees, excluding vines, for our consumption. It could easily feed many more families. 

Back home to our garden, sign of Spring with our daffodils

Like most of Europe, this year we also got caught up with a rather late spring after the last snow visitation during the end of February. Nothing that we could not cope...since that's part of our season. But I can say that spring is now here. The fruit trees in our garden are now in the process of producing a variety of fruits for us with the help of the pollinating bees. All we have to do is to wait for the time when it will be ready to gather and enjoy. If only you could plant just one fruit tree, it is definitely worth the effort.

Happy gardening to you too.


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  1. Wow!! beautiful!! 70 fruit trees!! that is huge.. we are also getting late spring.. since yesterday the weather has started turning good..


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