Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Our Garden - is our holiday destination

Dear Family & Friends

It's madness in our garden. The bees are so noisy buzzing everywhere as they visit one flower to another. Our ground is covered with hundreds and hundreds of blooms from bulbs plants, weeds ground cover, perennial plants and the fruit trees are also starting to put out their blossoms. It's such a happy place. It brings me lots of smiles as I watch everything coming back to life, every plant looks so fresh and new. With warm sunshine and blue skies, there's no better place to be in.

these succulent plants gets red tints with lots of sunshine

The garden itself is a holiday destination for our family. It's more like a working holiday whenever we are in the garden for the moment. Our family enjoy working together. It's time to do pruning of our roses, sowing annual seeds, propagating to multiply our existing plants etc... Such rewarding job:)

a butterfly on the anemome flower
Most days I go to bed with an aching old body due to all the garden works done,  but once in bed, I just can't wait for the morning to come again, as I look forward to be back in the garden to do more gardening jobs of growing and sowing plant seeds that I enjoy so much!

butterfly and chamomille
Watching plants grow, some planted by me, while others just comes up by themselves, is one big miracle. Although I've sown some seeds - but I definitely am not the one who makes them grow and bloom:) 

Happy gardening to you...sending you our lovely sunshine wishes:)



  1. That's very beautiful.. After a long winter,the garden is very happy now..

  2. I am planning my garden at the moment. It will be hard as we are on clay soil, but we will over come it and I am looking at a how to improve what I can and over come what we cant with containers and maybe raised wicking beds. Hope you are well I am glad I found you blog again. I lost it when my laptop died. I am building my book marks again!

  3. Just reading your post about your garden makes me smile. I too love working in the garden and you are so blessed to have family members having the same love for gardening. I can just imagine all the busyness and growing taking place in your garden!


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