Saturday 21 July 2018

When the garden becomes too dense, It's time to chill out

Dear Family & Friends

Every morning before the sun gets the chance to become too fierce, I go to the garden to gather our food for the day. It's like going to supermarket but without taking your wallet with you because everything is just free to take:) At this moment, I have abundance of vegetables in season to pick: cucumber, courgette, leafy greens, okra and lots of herbs. Our lunch would be so delicious with all these fresh produce:)
my garden is so dense with growth at the moment

Everything is just growing very fast with the summer sunshine. My garden becomes a dense jungle...but I try my best to ignore it, otherwise there's just so much to do. My priority these days are to just keep harvesting what the garden gives us.

the edible globe artichoke buds have now gone into bloom

Sometimes I can't even cope with the harvesting. I have every intention to gather and cook the globe artichoke flower buds, but I missed the time and they all started to bloom into beautiful flowers. I must do my best next year.

we place cardboards around the newly pruned lavender to suppress weeds

Our lavender bushes have all been pruned back after flowering. We laid some cardboards around each bush to help us suppress weeds and grasses from growing around them. Cardboard doesn't look so nice but it does the job.

There's just so much to do in the garden but I never let it bully me. I have to master the art of chilling out too. Hope you are also enjoying your day.


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  1. You are now reaping plentiful harvest after having put in so much hard work in your garden! The best is getting to harvest your own produce from your own garden.


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