Friday 5 October 2018

Another Year of Autumn Harvest

Dear Family & Friends

Just after our weekend family 'summer holiday' by the sea, the weather just plummeted. It suddenly feels so cold. I quickly had to get my acts together. I had to plant my garlic for our supply next year. Once I got working, clearing up my garden beds to sow, I felt warm. In the end, I planted around 150 garlic:)

this year's harvest of garlic has been pickled and some peeled and frozen for our supply

This year's veggie harvest was not as good. Perhaps it's because we didn't really have a very hot summer season. Nonetheless, I still managed to freeze some tomatoes for the coming months' use. I can't guarantee what I grow is what we get, it's all a game of surprise. 

No fresh corn treat to enjoy this year:( From the whole seed packet of 25 corn seeds that I planted, not even one produce any corn cob?! Hmp! At least, I've got dried corn stalks to compost - hope it'll help make a better soil:)

Tomatoes are enjoyed fresh and the excess preserved

My sweet pepper and eggplant yielded very little harvest too. Yet, I'm still determined. There's next year to look forward to:) This is what makes gardening exciting. It's a challenge. The good thing: we did had a good harvest of pumpkin. This is the year for pumpkin soup, pumpkin risotto, pumpkin fritters etc... for the coming months.

only a few handful of peppers this year - but still grateful:)

Growing your own food in the garden is an exciting journey from year to year. It's always a surprise and a great blessing with what we can get out of our garden. In life, I've learned to be content, whatever nature gives us, that's what we have and enjoy in our kitchen too!

The garden is winding down, but there's still a few plants that I could sow in the ground that can withstand winter: I've got to bury some of the little onion bulbs so we can have spring onion in spring. So, I wish you a good day and enjoy whatever blessing the day brings in today:)


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