Wednesday 24 October 2018

In the garden in autumn

Dear Family & Friends

Perhaps I'm a bit late for the last seed sowing for the year before winter sets in, but the weather is just so nice  that I just have to take the chance to sow more seeds in my vegetable garden. There's mainly cold loving veggie plants that I could grow at this time - like garlic, radishes, onions, brassica plants and salad leaves etc...

in my vegetable garden, I planted rows of garlic for next year 150 bulbs in total

Most of the veggies that I'm growing now won't grow fast as cold sets in but they will catch up quickly by spring time, and we will be able to enjoy an early harvest for next year.

clearing as I go, I also planted some onion bulbs - lots of spring onions to eat soon

As I enjoy working out in the vegetable garden, I heard and saw the ground soil moving gently. I waited to see ...and then, I realized it's our pet tortoise! He started his hibernation season due to cold nights and he normally bury himself in the ground or somewhere among the garden rubbles as he goes into deep sleep for months.

Amongst the garden debris, our tortoise thought it's a good place to bury himself for hibernation time

It's not too cold just yet, but some of our garden friends like the multitude of tiny frogs have already gone into hiding too. As for me, it's still pleasant to be working out in our garden. I must carry on because there's just so much to do before it's too cold.

So, from our little home to yours, wishing you a good day too:)



  1. You have a big space to your vegetables. I have not tried growing garlic yet. Maybe one day I will. Happy sowing!

  2. Good planning Annie, that early harvest will be lovely :D)

  3. I love your garden.. I love the most is your dedication to the garden.. and the tortoise is so cute!


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