Wednesday 2 January 2019

Fruit tea in old jars

Dear Family & Friends

Sometime ago, we finally had the opportunity of meeting our German family friends. When they came to visit us, they took with them two very precious gifts all the way from Germany. We were all very relief that these old chinese jars survived the journey. 

It was a very creative and well thought of gifts which we love so much and will cherish forever. The beautiful jars were filled with assorted dried and very fragrant fruit teas.

I love the fact that these old precious jars are put into good use again and in a most practical way.

There's so many beautiful old things that we should recycle and I could say that they are far more beautiful that the usual modern new things sold these days. They are called treasures.

I end this post with good wishes for you and a very good new year too.


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  1. They are exceedingly beautiful Annie, no wonder you treasure them.
    Wishing you and your lovely family a very happy new year :D)


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