Thursday 17 January 2019

Handmade lifestyle

Dear Family & Friends

I enjoy a handmade lifestyle. When days are dark, short and gloomy, I find comfort deep within my thoughts. My hands are busy at the same time, sewing some project - this time another seat cover.

Once seated and engrossed with what I'm doing, it is very hard to get up and think about the hungry tummies in our home. So, I employ the help of one of the girls with request for a crunchy but still runny sunny side up egg, placed on top of a piece of toast. Yum...That's just what we need.

Life couldn't get better than this:) Hope yours is as good too!



  1. Oh dear Annie! Are you doing this by hand!! OMG!
    You are incredible!

  2. Such beautiful work Annie :D)
    Egg on toast - always a perfect meal!

  3. You handmade project is beautiful. I have done this project once. Egg on toast taste good when you are engrossed in your project.

  4. This looks so beautiful, en enormous project but the result shall give you satisfaction.


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