Monday, 22 April 2019

The sight and sound in our garden

Dear Family & Friends

There's no air traffic control in our garden, but all flying garden residents and visitors alike seems to manage well. It's just one very busy and noisy garden for the moment with so many species of birds, bees and butterflies, plus a host of other garden friends enjoying spring time.

The flowers on our fruit trees are all giving their best, one after another. All calling the attention of the pollinators.

There's definitely plenty of food for our honey bees, as well as other species of bees around. I just love the thought that they can all get their food/nectar from our garden without any harm of chemical spray.

Besides the spring blossoms from our fruit trees, there's also lots of random self seeded flowers and plants on the ground as food source variety on the menu for all the insects and wild life too:)

To watch all the frenzy activities going on our our garden is just pure joy. The noise is intense and a happy one.

apple blossom

I could stay in the garden all day long to enjoy the sight and sound, but alas, I've got to get back inside the kitchen to cook our family meal...but tomorrow is another day to look forward to once again. I hope you are having good time jut as I am. Enjoy your day.


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