Saturday, 1 June 2019

As new season unfolds in our village

Dear Family & Friends

One night, I saw a thick formation of a rain cloud from our bedroom window. It was an unusual one because it was dark orange brown in colour. Then we realized that over in the neighboring country of Romania, a strange cylone occurred which gathered a large amount of clay soil into the clouds and these were blown over to our area. Eventually it brought down a very dirty rainfall and our garden was covered with clay dust after it rained.

rain clouds that was carrying clay soil within

The following day, all was well again. The sunshine persisted and it was another gorgeous day to enjoy. The village is lush and green and everything is growing robustly.

a favourite place to go for a little walk around the village

More and more people in our village are raising herds of cows and sheep these days too - more so than before as per our observation. Is it that the economy here is getting better? What's more important is that I see a beautiful world that we live in and it is our responsibility to take care of it.

happy calf roaming the field

It's just so nice to live in a place that is full of greeneries and surrounded by tall mountains in the horizon. Clear blue sky is definitely a big bonus too. The world is beautiful and peaceful over here . It's priceless beyond words and we are very grateful.

field of grain with mountain yonder

I'm sure it our our Creator's big idea for us to enjoy all His designed creation and I've going to do just that today. Hope you have a great day too.


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