Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Finding ways to cope with the garden

Dear Family & Friends

Year after year, the garden is getting denser and better. Our fruit orchard is taking shape and my dream of making our garden productive with less work input is coming on. The idea is to cover our garden ground with a variety of plants for ecological purpose and allow nature to work it's best way.

For the moment, I use cardboards to lay in trenches and open spaces to avoid invasive weeds from popping up. It's not very aesthetic cover to use but it's a free resource I could get and available to me. Later as the plant bushes takes their full shape, they will be able to suppress weeds around themselves.

the garden orchard is taking shape

All these garden works makes me very hungry everyday. So today I decided to treat everyone with a chinese noodle dish called 'ants climbing trees'. It's a special noodle made of beans and cooked with minced meat. 

The story of this dish says that an old grandma with failing eyesight saw this dish cooked for her and thought that the minced meat were tiny ants all over her bowl of noodles. Thus, the dish was named 'ants climbing tree'.

'ants climbing a tree' - bean noodle dish for today:)

Well, I am enjoying my day with lots of work- as usual, and we all enjoyed the humble home cooked noodles too. Hope you are having a good day too.


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