Sunday 29 September 2019

Courgette spaghetti with prawns

Dear Family & Friends

I'm still unrepentant as to why I planted so many courgette this year. For it wasn't a problem to have a glut of courgette. I easily learned how to be creative with it. We have it almost every day of the week but in so many different forms and variation of cooking:) and I froze some for the months to come when we would start missing it once again too.

A pot of courgette spaghetti with prawns

With the abundance of courgette, we had them as fritters for afternoon snack, courgette fillers for crepes/spring rolls, as dips, baked with bread etc... I also use it with stew, with soup, fried tempura, countless other ways and I never get a single complain from the family, but just a smile of big contentment.

a simple and complete lunch meal for us:)

One dish that they want to have every week, if at all possible, is the courgette spaghetti. I don't have the kitchen gadget that cuts the courgette into spaghetti-like strands, but with a knife I could still do long thin strands of it. I cook it with spaghetti pasta and top up with prawns and mini tomatoes and olive oil, chopped cooked garlic plus salt and pepper. A quick, complete and very satisfying meal for every one:)

With a full tummy and a hot summer...we all feel like a short nap is to follow afterwards too. Sometimes life can be like that;P  Enjoy your day too. 


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