Wednesday 4 September 2019

Summer meals?

Dear Family & Friends

As summer goes by, the garden is producing more and more food to harvest, but with the summer heat, our appetite for food is lost somewhere too. We eat lesser on summer's day. Nothing seems to be as attractive as when cooler weather is here. Even the idea of BBQ fails to entice most of us.

BBQ meat with fresh garden greens

I feel like eating soup but I will let it cool before consuming it. I suppose, we get more dehydrated with the summer's heat that we like food that contains more liquid to replenish the body.

cold grain congee with herbs and a salted boiled egg 

Some of us tend to go for more vegetarian meals comes summertime. Pulses and grains with lots of fresh green herbs and drizzled with lots of extra virgin olive oil too! Salads and more salads!

seed, grains, beans and lots of herbs salad

That goes without saying that our grocery shopping bill drops a lot comes summertime. Grocery list only consist of ice cream and snack food!! For dinner tonight, I might just have a couple of figs from the garden and I'm sure it's sweetness will take me through till the morrow.

Hope you have a lovely day where you are.


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