Saturday 14 September 2019

The House is now visible

Dear Family & Friends

Someone in our home always disappear towards the end of our home garden wall to get to our adjacent property, by climbing a temporary ladder up the wall - the shortcut way:) He does this whenever he got a free slot in his work schedule - his new habit at the moment:)

the before picture of the grapevine pathway leading to the house

Just doing little odd jobs here and there and discovering and getting to know more about the property layout. He gets a lot of joy and is so pleased with this purchase.

the after photo. just knocking down those tall weeds now reveals the sight of the house!

No major thing has been done yet, except quick clearing of the overgrown weeds to see the extend of the property.

Same pathway but going towards the entrance gate direction

More or less we know how we want to make use of this property. We have some business plan but it's a waiting moment before we get things a bit clearer.

we can now see the house clearer

Just as daughter 1 went flattening down those 5 foot tall annual weeds around the property, we then start to see the size and potential of what the property has to offer. Yes, slowly, everything will be clearer soon.

The house No. 4 and a glimpse of the roof of house No. 2 :)

We are always very grateful for all the blessings that comes our way...for we know nothing is within our power unless a more powerful One is showering His grace upon us.

Hope you have a blessed day and week too:)


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  1. It looks lovely and is beautiful to see the extent of your home and land :D)


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