Tuesday 29 October 2019

Little green frog rescued his friend

Dear Family & Friends

The garden is full of life. I've even noticed that this year's garden remained full and green all summer. Normally some plants dries up and dies out leaving bare patches here and there with our intense summer. Perhaps, I've been doing well in my gardening skill by leaving nature to do the work for me as much as possible:) because the ecology in our garden has greatly improved!

Can you see a tiny green frog peeping into the mouth of this big water bottle? - his other friend fell inside and is trapped!!

Planting and allowing plants to grow naturally have filled and created a micro-climate within my garden environment. Thus, more insects and predators have started to live in my garden and they naturally eats the pest and brings an ecological balance without human intervention!

After the rescue operation, both went into the shady bush of the lavender. Can you see it?

While I was in the garden, I noticed a beautiful tiny bright green frog. I've never seen this kind of frog before. So, I took a camera to take a photo of this cute creature, only to realize that this little frog insisted on focusing on something inside this big water bottle. 

When I took a closer look, I realized that it was looking out for another little green frog who fell and is trapped inside the deep bottle. So, I came to intervene and tipped the water bottle on it's side, enabling the frog to safety! The other frog waited for his friend all this time. What a great friendship I just witnessed:)

There's so many wonderful things I see within our garden and they even bring about beautiful story to remember. Hope you have a nice day too:)


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  1. You have help to rescue the frog's friend. Even though I do not like frogs, this small green frog looks cute.


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