Wednesday 13 November 2019

Beautiful and special day to remember

Dear Family & Friends

It's a very special day for one of the two girls - her birthday. Having it on an autumn season just adds up to a bright lovely day:) We're not really into partying nor our girls expects materials gifts or keen on the usual traditional practices... but they love and enjoy being together as a family on special days like this. Sharing meals together, be it simple snack or home cooked meal preparations, seems to be the thing that tickles them the most, even though we have family meals together everyday!

one very special day....

On this particular special day, with a very nice cool and sunny morning, we started out for an early morning leisurely walk at the rowing canal near us. It was calm and peaceful just to watch the vast expanse of the manmade lake. Many other people enjoyed the joy of being outside that morning too!

with an equally beautiful bright cool sunny morning...

Our intention was to have a brunch at home immediately after the morning stroll. It's not far away to reach home, a mere 10 minutes walk and part of the way home is crossing this little peaceful forest. So, when we reached home our tummies were all very excited.

a happy walk through a peaceful forest

No banquet awaits us, just our appetite for a simply prepared meal. Then a little special cake treat in the end:)

arriving home to be greeted with a lovely simple but well thought and prepared meal

Perhaps, we're just easy to please people, but even just a bag of chips or a cone of ice cream is enough to bring on the smile - for as long as we're with a happy and contented company, as always:)

yes! it is time to celebrate ...a special day for a very special girl:)

A birthday is just a reminder that a year has passed on and with another added year, it's a blessing and we always hope for each other that for the coming months more wisdom and knowledge will be gained to achieve a happy and contented success in life.

Hope you have a nice day today too.



  1. How very beautiful. A lovely family celebration and a Happy Birthday to your dear one xx

  2. Happy birthday to your girl. You are a good mother, having brought up your children to be appreciative of simple things and not demanding expensive gifts for their birthday. This is a beautiful celebration with close family members and that is what everyone should aim for. Have a blessed week!


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