Friday, 27 December 2019

Precious gift from the heart

Dear Family & Friends

When our CEO came back from his UK trip visit, I got a wonderful surprise: a gift from our tenant! I felt so overwhelmly loved. I've never personally met our tenant in the UK but she seem to understand how much I appreciate these food gifts that she shares with me out of their food pantry!

a bottle of dried fish in olive oil and two packets of pili nuts

Food memories that I miss so much becomes so precious as it's impossible for me to get them from here. It's probably not easy for her to find them in the UK either, except when someone brings them in for her...thus, sharing them with me means that it's truly a gift of love:)

I had this all to myself and have been so happy:)

I had this bottle of dried fish preserved in olive oil all to myself because my two girls suggested that I deserved it to satisfy my full craving:) That's another wave of love expression from my girls that overwhelms me once again. The fact that they don't know what the content of that bottle taste like and it didn't mean as much to them as it does to me, I didn't argue with their proposal and I thoroughly enjoyed it all to myself! As for the pili nuts, it's to be shared because I understand that sharing is caring:)

Have a lovely day today:)


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