Tuesday 21 January 2020

opening a passage way between two properties

Dear Family & Friends

What happened last year was beyond our expectation,. We wanted to buy this property that shares part of our boundary wall when we observed that it was unoccupied and more or less abandoned when the old grandfather passed away. We tried asking around about it but we got nowhere. So we left it there. Then one day, a man knocked on our door and said that he wanted to sell this property to us for a price that was almost like a giveaway! The rest is history!

a opening between the two properties have started by knocking a portion of the border wall
We like this property more than our existing home because it got more character to it, but I feel that the home we live in is still my home where I want to live in. Nonetheless, we are all very excited to make this new property as beautfiul as we could - afterall, this is our gift and we will look after it.
A long and narrow back passageway to the adjacent property
So far, we opened a passageway to connect our existing home to this adjacent property by opening a portion of the boundary solid wall. It will be connected with a secret garden door.

a few steps down leading to the narrow passageway
With this passageway, it's easier for me to go and work in this new extended garden too. It's slightly bigger than what I already got, but I'll take it all as another challenge:)

a secret garden door will be installed here
Hopefully my next update on this would be a finished secret garden door. I really like this idea but we got a lot more work ahead of us to do - it's wonderful that we are kept busy and we all enjoy working. It keeps us motivated, challenged and blessed.

Enjoy a lovely day:)


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  1. Exciting to read about your adjoining property!
    I can imagine your future gardening projects in there. Lots of hard work but you and your family aren't daunted by that. Cheers to you xx


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