Friday, 31 January 2020

Our quiet lifestyle in the village

Dear Family & Friends

A friend who owns a company in the big city that supplies and install windows and doors came to our village to look at the house that we are working on right now. Like most people who live and work in big cities, they find it puzzling as to why we choose to live in a quiet village. He made a funny remark that a village is a place you go to when you have already given up on life!?

we get wisier as we grow older - hopefullly;P
As for us, we find it very puzzling how come people would want to live and tolerate life in a stressful, crowded and noisy city homes? In the past, we had lived in a city that never sleeps, and big capital city that got it all. It was thrilling and fun at that time, but once I experienced a quiet village living, I don't think a city life is a choice anymore.

fresh air, greenery, a melody of farm animal noises are just what you can find in a village

Perhaps it's old age or maturity outlook....but both of our young ladies enjoy our village life too. Yet, we don't deprive ourselves with the convinience that a city offers and thus we have the city apartment as an option to go to now and again. The two young girls enjoy shopping at the mall, eating out when we pay a visit to our apartment, but their heart's preference is always for a calm village home life:)

daily farm to table healthy fresh meals are expected - always delicious

In the village, that's where we put our creativity to work. We've got fast modern internet facilities and both girls are very entreprenuer in their ways, taking challenges, very independent in their works and able to earn a living in a most responsible way. We create our own jobs without fully relaying on big companies for meager salaries - right where we are, in our quiet little village:)

real food for snacks - without colours and preservatives, yet it never fails to attract foodies

It's a complete misconception that there's no life nor future in a village compared to a city - but that's not what we see and experience:) Just an encouragement for others I hope! and have a lovely day too:)


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