Sunday, 5 April 2020

The sun still shines

Dear Family & Friends

Life is a series of choices. and if we have our own standards, can we make better choices?  If we have priorities, can we have a better day? There's commotions going around us everywhere, of various levels but how we deal with them is up to us - afterall,  we each have to deal with our individual life.

blooms always comes out in Spring time
Despite the fear being created around the world and how much fearful reactions we see amongst many... I choose not to do the same. The first thing I noticed this morning is that, the sun is still shining and the blossoms on fruit trees are all blooming. I must get out there to join the working bees for I too got a lot of work cut out for me today.

start seed sowing to have lots of food in the coming months

It takes time to grow food and it is not difficult. I have to start sowing seeds now if I want to have food abundance in the months to come for everyone to enjoy and benefit. Oh, growing food builds up confidence in knowing that we can be more responsible in life by being sustainable in some ways.

just imagine what a garden can give us if we grow seeds

For as long the sun shines, all is well... Gardening can get us moving with health, it allows us to enjoy a dosage of sunshine goodness, and give us the ability to deliver some good food for the family and others -now and in the coming days too.

Let's start gardening and have a happy day:)



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